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AVESTA Stainless Steel Welding Pickling Gel 122 12kg

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Order AVESTA Stainless Steel Welding Pickling Gel 122 12kg at Homy Home Improvement Store, we offer good quality products at low price!

Avesta Pickling Gel 122 is more free-flowing than a pickling paste to facilitate the application and to give a high coverage.

It can hence be used to clean with a good result.

This gel is universal and specifically intended for standard brush pickling of weld seams and smaller surfaces of all stainless steel grades.


• Restores damaged stainless steel surfaces, such as weld seams, by removing weld oxides, the underlying chromium depleted layer and other defects that may cause local corrosion

• Improved pickling result, offers a brighter surface with less discolouration than classical products

• The transparent gel consistency gives good adhesion to the stainless steel surface

• Can be used and stored in warmer climates (the gel is heat stable up to +45 °C)


Brand Avesta
Model 122
Package Polyethylene container
Weight Approximately 12kg


• Avesta First Aid Spray 910 should be readily accessible to all those who work with pickling. It comes in a handy 200 ml spray can and the content has been optimised to decontaminate small acid-splashes of pickling paste.

• Protective clothing. In general users should wear acid resistant overalls, gloves and rubber boots. Face visor should be used and, if necessary, suitable respiratory protective devices.


1x AVESTA Stainless Steel Welding Pickling Gel 122 12kg

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