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DEPRO A2001 IGBT Arc Welder Welding Machine MMA-200

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DEPRO A2001 IGBT Arc Welder/welding machine is a rectifier adopting advanced inverter technology. The inverter gas-shielded welding power source utilizes high-power component IGBT to transfer 50/60Hz frequency up to 100kHz, then reduce the voltage and commutate, and output high-power voltage via PWM technology. Due to the great reduce of main transformer's weight and volume, the efficiency increases by 30%.

DEPRO A2001 has similar specification to MMA-200 welding machine, and operates in similar way.


• Efficient and power saving inverter

• Compact and stable arc power

• Good welding pool with high no-load voltage

• 200A maximum current output

• Compatible with stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and other metal welding

• Up to 3.2mm electrode size


Input Voltage 220V AC Single Phase +/-15%
Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated Input Current 22A
No Load Voltage 61V
Output Current 30 ~ 200A
Rated Input Voltage 28V
Duty Cycle 80%
No-load loss 40W
Efficienct 85%
Power Factor 0.93
Insulation Grade H
Housing Protection Grade IP21


3 Months Local Manufacturer Warranty


1x DEPRO A2001 IGBT Arc Welder Welding Machine MMA-200

1x Set of Welding Electrode Holder

1x Set of Welding Earth Clamp

1x Set of Welding Hand Shield

1x Set of Welding cleaning accessories

More Information
Welder TypeARC
Power TypeCorded Electric
Duty Cycle (%)80
Voltage (V)230V Single Phase
Maximum Amperage200A
Minimum Amperage30A
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