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FISCHER Expansion Wall Plug S 6 x 30 Rimless 50106 (100pcs)

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Shop FISCHER Expansion Wall Plug S 6 x 30 Rimless 50106 (100pcs) at Homy Home Improvement Store, we offer good quality products at low price!

FISCHER 70006 is a powerful nylon fixing with four-way expansion, with rim for optimum hold. Due to four-way expansion, the fischer expansion plug SX optimally transfers forces into the building material. The high-quality nylon used in production and typical expansion guarantee a secure, permanent connection. The edge on the head of the fixing prevents the fixing from slipping into the drill hole.


• The rimless plug is suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation.

• Simple insertion due to the ease of pushing in the plug.

• The anti-rotation lock prevents rotation in the drill hole.

• This guarantees a high degree of safety during installation.


• The rimless plug sleeve allows for the plug to be set as deep as required below the plaster to the bearing substrate to achieve the maximum load-bearing capacity.

• As the plug only expands in two directions, it is possible to direct the expansion forces so that they run parallel to the edge of the building material by turning the plug. This allows for smaller edge distances.

• The slimline plug geometry makes it easy to push the plug into the drill hole. For a fast and simple installation.

• The anti-rotation lock prevents the plug rotating in the drill hole, thus guaranteeing a high level of installation safety.


Drill hole diameter 6mm
Min. drill hole depth 40mm
Anchor length 30mm
Wood and chipboard screws 4 - 5mm
Amount 100 Unit(s)
GTIN (EAN Code) 4006209501061


• Pictures

• Lighting

• Letter boxes

• Motion detectors

• Information boards

• Curtain rails

• Electrical installations


• Concrete

• Solid sand-lime brick

• Natural stone with dense structure

• Solid brick made from lightweight concrete

• Solid brick


1x Box of FISCHER Expansion Wall Plug S 6 x 30 Rimless 50106 (100pcs)

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