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WELDRO KS-10-450 Portable Welding Electrode Dryer Oven 10kg

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Shop WELDRO KS-10-450 Portable Welding Electrode Dryer Oven 10kg at Homy Home Improvement Store, we offer good quality products at low price!

WELDRO K402/103 or KS-10-450 is a high quality and durable AC / DC electrode dryer, with central heating element that provides a more even heat distribution compared to conventional coil wound dryer. Made with stainless steel inner casing, and epoxy-coated outer casing that last twice as long compared to normal paint against corrosion.


When using low hydrogen , iron powder-coated, stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, monel, brass, bronze, hard facing and other special low alloy electrodes, when carrying around the dried or baked electrodes in these type of electrode dryer is highly recommended as:

- All mineral-coated electrodes absorb moisture the minute they are unpacked.

- Welding with moist electrode leads to internal and external porosity, under bead weld cracking, rough weld surface, excessive slag fluidity, difficult slag removal and a generally poor appearance.

- Proper storage in low temperature holding ovens prevents moisture absorption and unsatisfactory welds.


• Electrodes can be easily loaded and unloaded

• Small and compact complete with handle - easy to carry around

• Portable type - convenient and easy for the shop or field keeping electrodes warm and dry, within reach of welder

• Even, continuous heat for 100% protection from unpacking to use

• Heating element heats the entire length of the rod chamber - providing faster and more uniform heat distribution


Voltage Input AC 230V 50Hz or DC 90 ~ 100V
Capacity 10 kg
Pre-set Temperature 180°C +/- 20°C
Electrodes Length 450 mm
Internal Stainless Steel


1x WELDRO KS-10-450 Portable Welding Electrode Dryer Oven 10kg

1x Pair of crocodile clip

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